XPart MG Rover Part Finder Website

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A not so very well known or publicised website that can be very useful when searcing for MG, Rover and Mini parts is the XPart Ltd MG Rover Partfinder website.


This site is simple to use and allows you to check for parts for your MG and Rover.

Most of the XPart Distributors update their stock records on a weekly or monthly basis and usually list ALL of the parts they hold in stock which includes Xpart MG Rover parts alongside classic MG, Triumph, Morris parts etc.

If you are looking for a part it is a very handy website to use.

Just input the part number in the ‘Product Search’ box.

Click on the Green Button and the system will search the database and the following screen will appear.

Click on the green arrow again and the list of XPart Distributors and their stock level of the part will appear

You can then click on the green arrow and select the nearest XPart Distributor and contact them for the costs of purchase and shipping

This product search website can be utilised with the John Woods Motorcare PDF listings of ‘Parts back in Stock’ on our dedicated XPart Information Site which is updated every couple of days by XPart. John Woods Motorcare using the email updates received from XPart Ltd.