Rob and ‘Margaret’ MGC GT Sebring’s trip to Spa-Francorchamps circuit for the 2019 Spa Classics

Rob Fryer, a long standing customer and friend of John Woods Motorcare Ltd retured to Spa-Francorchamps circuit this month with ‘Margaret’ his 1970 MGC GT Sebring. Rob sent daily (sometimes hourly!) updates and photographs to us so that we can blog this trip.

Left home with my navigator,Jon, at around 14:30, allowing plenty of time for a cruise to Hull. However we hadn’t allowed for the overturned lorry by Brighouse, which blocked the M62 for 1 1/2 hours. After sitting stationary for 20 minutes, where Margaret was impeccable (no overheating) – we turned off the engine and enjoyed the view of cars and lorries. After restarting the race was on the make the ferry! more traffic is Hull centre didn’t help but we got to the port with 10 minutes spare! phew; All boarded with a few older porsches and a good night sleep on the ferry. Now arriving in sunny rotterdam.

Coffee , fuel and back stretch stop. Sun is shining – loving those retro shades! Stopped again in the sunshine somewhere in Belgium!

Arrived on the Thursday (pic of car and caravan), and after a spot of lunch we went to the local car museum – which was really good, photos of cars in the museum. It was brilliant, not a huge place but loads of interesting cars and bikes. Never seen a road going BMW M1 before; fav car the Dino. Then popped in to a car showroom and they had a lovely Volvo Amazon for €80k!

Back at the cabin for more beer!

Friday was wet and a damp circuit hampered the practice and my first session; only got her sideways once , but the brakes locked up a couple of times – all under control though. Some magnificent cars Ferrari 275’s and heritage touring cars.

Second session on the Friday afternoon dried up and the track was fine – tangled with GT40’s GTR’s and many porches and TVR’s – will send pic. Great fun and a more spirited drive; didn’t take En Rouge flat out though…

Saturday was great with some lovely racing – Porchse 917 original car…

Spoke with many drivers and mechanics who were keen to show off their cars – lovely e-types and an interesting TVR with a b series engine – cross flow head by MX engineering.

Sunday mixed weather – very damp track and some of the expensive cars took their time around the track – ater a 275 B crashed on the Friday… several many millons…

Ferry home on the Sunday night back to Hull – and then home via the M62 and a M60; where a 7 car pile up meant sitting in traffic for an hour…

Great event – Spa Classic , lots of lovely cars and not too busy. Well worth the 1000 mile round trip through some lovely countryside – in Holland and Belgium (not the M62)

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