MG3 Engine Bay (Front) Strut Brace 2018MY (2018>)

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MG3 Strut Front Brace

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MG3 Engine Bay (Front) Strut Brace


Choice of colours for the end securing brackets: Black – Blue – Red – Silver – Gold – White.

Installation typical time is 10 – 15 minutes.

The Strut is manufactured from highly polished alloy with strengthening ribs on the leading edges and the securing brackets in steel.

The securing brackets are supplied with Stainless steel M6 Allen Bolts & washers that fit into existing holes on the 3 after removing 4 easily accessible bolts. Photos Supplied in instructions.

NO drilling or changes are made to the bodywork in anyway.

Most importantly, once fitted in does not obstruct any of the 3’s engine bay access: Dip Stick, Oil Filler etc etc.

MG3 Engine Bay (Front) Strut Brace 2018MY (2018>)