NVQ Assessment (Level 2 Automotive Engineering Maintenance and Repair) time for our Apprentice Jamie

Jamie, our apprentice, had his college assessor (Karl) attend the garage today to carry out an on the job NVQ Assessment as part of his apprenticeship.

As the assessment this time needed to be on a modern car we took the opportunity to have Adam Woods MG6 brakes overhauled. As it turned out this was a wise decision when you see the pads/disks that were removed from both the front and the rear of the MG6.

Jamie then fitted all the new Brake Disks and Pads onto the MG6.

Adam took the opportunity to give the calipers a quick paint with a temporary Gold (they were originally blue) coating whilst he decides exactly what colours he wants the wheels and calipers painted. The gold paint follows with the theme of ‘John Player Special’ subtle livery that he is currently doing with his MG6.

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