In March 2018 John and his Sister (Sandra) lost Teddy the Chihuahua after a short illness. In August 2018 John lost Holly. Holly & Teddy were an itegral part of the team. Holly welcomed all visitors to the garage… Teddy handled all complaints. They accompanied John to almost every Car Show that he attended throughout the years. They are both very sadly missed.

Over the past few weeks John and Sandra have been looking at getting another dog as both the house and the Garage felt empty with the loss of Teddy and Holly.
Lizzie the Chihuaua came to live with John and Sandra last week and Lizzie has made her first appearance at the Garage today. It’s a new environment for Lizzie to get used to and she’ll be coming to the Garage on alternate days. She will soon be welcoming visitors. In a few months she’ll start attending Car shows with John.

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