New Airis UK LED interior/exterior lighting and new Roof being fitted

We relocated to the new unit in December 2017, the past 18 months have flown by!

We are now in the process of extending our lease on the new unit to secure our long term future here. As part of that process the landlord is having the roof replaced and have invested in the replacement of all flurescent lighting with the latest new LED technology lighting.

New Airis UK LED interior/exterior lighting and new Roof being fitted

After doing some market research and making enquiries with various companies we invited Airis UK come in and discuss what our options were. David Newton their consultant came in the following week and went through all that was required. Once we’d agreed to the process one of their engineers came out to do a full site survey. Within two days of the full site survey we had a provisional install date.

Three weeks after making the initial enquiry with Airis UK, two of their electricians came in (Jeff and Paul) and they spent two days removing the old flurescent light tubes and fittings, replacing them with Airis LED Lighting units and tubes. They were able to work around us so that there was minimal distruption to the work we already had booked into the diary.

We had all the lights in the workshop, kitchen, offices and toilets changed. We also had 4 LED External Floodlights fitted

Lighting before work commenced.

New LED lighting being installed in the workshop area.

We also used the opportunity to tidy up some of the internal panels on the ceiling which had been damaged over the years.

New LED Lighting installed and working

The difference is totally unbelieveable, it is like the difference between night and day! Full thanks to Airis UK and their team for the outstanding service they’ve provided.

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