MGB GT Engine Reinstallation and Rebuild at John Woods Motorcare after Bodywork Panel & Paint at Sefton Classics

Back in December 2018 we had this MGB GT dropped off to us by the bodyshop we partner with (Sefton Classics of Liverpool). The car belongs to a long standing customer of John Woods Motorcare Ltd who had taken it into Sefton Classics for panel replacement and paintwork.

We were originally tasked with removing the engine (Sefton Classics had removed all other parts). We did that and then sent the shell back to Greg and Dave at Sefton to complete all of the bodywork.

Sefton Classics did a fantastic job of replacing various panels and completing a full interior and exterior respray of this MGB. It was delivered back to us for the rebuild to start.

The first part of the rebuild was to tackle the interior. The customer attended our garage and it was decided that the original carpet was worn and tired looking. The customer chose to have a Coverdale Carpet Set in Ruby Red from their Kensington Luxury Wool Range

Fitment of the Coverdale Kensington Carpet Set – we contracted our trimmer Craig to complete the interior carpet, associated panels and the seat fitment.

Once the interior was somewhere near finished, our apprentice Jamie (he completed the engine removal back in December 2018) set about sorting the good useable parts from the old rusty (and requiring replacement) parts for the car prior to reinstalling the engine. Items such as the prop shaft, heater box and servo were saved, cleaned up and repainted. Other items such as Ignition Leads, distributor cap and carburettors were also cleaned.

Next Jamie set about reinstalling the Engine and Gearbox and connecting it up to all the new parts that had been ordered (Stainless Exhaust and Manifold, Stainless Oil Cooler pipes and replacement oil cooler. Reconditioned radiator.

Once the Engine and Gearbox were in place the next job was to build up the suspension with the lowering springs the customer had supplied. Due to the age of some of the suspension parts we ended up replacing stub axles and link arms etc.

Final photographs of the finished MGB GT prior to handing the car over to the customer.

MGB GT Leaving to be delivered back to customer

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