MG6 in for EBC USR slotted brake discs, EBC Green Stuff Pad Fitment, Black Gloss Front Grille install and some tweaks!

Ian Baker brought his MG6 back to us for some further work on Saturday morning.

Adam Woods fitted a set of EBC USR Slotted Brake Disks and EBC Green Stuff Pads  on the front of Ians MG6. Note:- The EBC disks come with a black ‘Thermic Coating’ which quickly wears off the pad track area within a few short miles during bed in and even quicker if using EBC pads with their unique Brake-In™ coating on the pad surface leaving the black rotor hub protected against rust. This black coating has been tested with the industry standard salt spray test and represents the ultimate in disc rust prevention.

Next job was for Adam to complete a couple of ‘tweaks’ to Ians MG6 to make it run a little bit better. Adam keeps these tweaks to himself and both Adams MG6 SE and Marks MG6 BTCC Editon have have the tweaks perfected on them and the cars run alot smoother and have much better performance with the tweaks in place. Once that was competed we installed one of the last MG6 Black Gloss Front Mesh Grille sets that MG & AMC Parts had in stock. We offer this ‘MG6 tweak’ at a set price of £150+vat (includes labour and parts used).

Ian had previously had the JWMC Ltd/MG AMC Parts exclusive Peco MG6 2″ Cat Back exhaust system fitted to his MG6.

Last job was to fit a replacement Gear Knob into the MG6. This had been sourced via Simon at Summit MG (Dudley). These Gear Knobs are the later version that MG introduced to the MG6 and they are  heavier and help prevent the gear knob rattle that some earlier MG6’s suffered from.

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