MG TF 2004 1.6L Head Gasket, Clutch, Exhaust change and subframe tidy up

The owner of this vehicle contacted us after his 2004 1.6 MG TF had just reached 60,000 miles and the clutch was starting to slip. He asked us to complete a pre emptive Head Gasket change using XPart Ultimate Head Gasket Fix Kit , replace the clutch and fit new OEM Xpart Cam Belt, Waterpump and tensioner. At the same time he opted to have the complete rear subframe/engine removed for pre emptive rust treatment on the rear of the car and to tidy up, treat and repaint the subframe. He also asked for the hoses to be replaced with the MGTF silicone sets we now offer.

Adam Woods set about removing the subframe/engine from the MG TF

Once the engine and subframe were out of the car Adam identified that the car required replacement subframe mountings, Catalytic Convertor and Exhaust (sourced after gaining approval from the customer). The inlet manifold was also starting to show signs of brittleness on the hose joints so we sourced a good second hand inlet manifold for the customer. The customer also asked for Stainless Underfloor pipes to be fitted (XPart PEP102470SS – Genuine MG Rover).

Whilst waiting for parts to arrive and for the Adam to complete the engine rebuilt we had our apprentice (Jamie) wire brush, rust treat and paint the subframe to help protect it for many more years of use. We used the XPart Ultimate Head Gasket Fix Kit, XPart Clutch and other parts.

Adam and Jamie then reinstalled the engine into the subframe.

Prior to fitting the engine/subframe back into the car Adam and Jamie rust treated the car and also started to install some of the silicone hoses in place.

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