'Margaret' UAT 218H - Rob Fryer's 1970 MGC GT Sebring gets some upgrades and a tune up

'Margaret' UAT 218H - Rob Fryer's 1970 MGC GT Sebring gets some upgrades and a tune up

‘Margaret’ started out life as an MGC GT before being converted by MG Motorsport in to a Sebring replica. In 2007 she was bought by a German helicopter pilot, taken over to Germany, converted for use in Rallies ( Roll Cage & Bucket Seats fitted) and raced.

Some background on the car regarding work completed prior to 2014 when Rob Fryer spotted Margaret for sale and decided to make an investment; Paint finished in MG Trophy Blue (JPG). Featured in several magazine articles. Aluminium bonnet & front valance, Sebring rear valance, 8×15 Minilite style centre-lock wheels, wide arches, Sparco race seats, 5 point harnesses, rear section roll cage, 2.5kg fire extinguisher. Chassis: Up-rated anti-roll bar & torsion bars, negative camber front end, parabolic rear springs, adjustable telescopic dampers all round, quick steering rack, polymer bushes, Panhard rod. Drivetrain: Fast road spec with 3 x 45 Webers, Stage 3 head, rally cam, balanced, Downton 6 branch manifold and 2 box exhaust, MG Motorsports supplied 5 speed gearbox conversion. Facet Red-top fuel pump. Work completed since 2007 – +20 re-bore around 3000m ago including new main and b/e shells, clutch. New cam followers, rocker shaft, refaced rockers, alternator, spin-on/off oil filter conversion, 123 programmable ignition with Lumenition leads, discs, pads, servo, gearbox conversion, carb overhaul, wheels refurbished.

Over the years John Woods Motorcare Ltd have completed work on this car for Rob. This time round Rob wanted to make sure that the car was running 100% ready for a trip to Spa Circuit for the ‘SpaFest’ Spa Classic weekend 2018 (http://www.spa-francorchamps.be/en/agenda/2018-05-18/spa-classic). The most recent work we completed prior to this work was to fit the MG Motorsport Ball Joint Suspension Set

After stripping the Triple Twin Webbur 45’s from the engine Rob agreed to the Carburettors going to a local engineering company for Dry Blasting to clean them up properly. He also asked for the Cylinder Head to be given the same treatment.

Photos showing Engine Removed, Carburettors and Cylinder Head Before and After Dry Blasting

Whilst we had the engine removed, Adam Woods advised Rob that the Clutch in Margaret had seen better days. We searched for a suitable replacement clutch and Doug at MG Motorsport came up trumps with an uprated Clutch and Clutch Release Bearing. At the same time Doug mentioned that MG Motorsport had just comissioned some Lightened Flywheels with an engineering company and that they could always add another to their initial order. A quick phone call to Rob and the go ahead was given for us to secure one of those Fly Wheels and and also a replacement fuel regulator.

There was a significant difference in the weight between the old original flywheel and the new lightened flywheel

Photos showing the Old and New Flywheels compared.

Once all parts were back from the relevant engineering company the rebuild began. John Woods completed the Cylinder Head rebuld and reattachment to Engine Block whith Jamie our apprentice repainting the head/engine. Adam Woods completed the Triple Twin Webbur 45 Carburettor rebuild whilst also removing the old fuel regulator from behind the battery tray, replacing that with a metal inline fuel filter and fitting the new fuel regulator at the front of the car behind the Servo.

Adam also replaced the bushes on the rear suspension with uprated Poly replacements.

Photos showing Engine rebuild

The Carburettors were then refitted, tuned and balanced

'Margaret' UAT 218H - Rob Fryer's 1970 MGC GT Sebring gets some upgrades and a tune up

Margaret was back together, tuned, sounding great and running great. She was delivered back home to Rob one day before he was due to take her on a local MG Groups annual Charity Run and 3 days before he was due to drive her over to Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps ready for her annual blast around the circuit.

Enroute to SpaFest 2018 with official SpaFest plaque fitted

'Margaret' UAT 218H - Rob Fryer's 1970 MGC GT Sebring gets some upgrades and a tune up

Previous Video of Margaret having Rolling Road tests after the first engine rebuild John Woods Motorcare completed a couple of years ago.

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