Marcos Mantara GTS with Rover Tomcat 2.0L T Engine in for diagnosis and repair.

The Marcos GTS was a version of the Mantara powered by the 2-litre Rover Tomcat engine, on request of the Italian distributor Martes Spider Cars.

The top version was the 200 bhp (149 kW; 203 PS) turbo version. The GTS version of the Mantara had a slightly different bonnet incorporating much smoother lines, flared-in headlamps, and a deeper spoiler, which was used on the later Mantaray model. A handful of late Mantara V8’s were produced with the same bonnet as the 2.0 litre GTS

This 1997 Marcos Mantara GTS came into us with some electrical gremlins. The car had previously been stripped down so that the Chassis could be repaired/replaced. Since being put back together by the owner the car had failed to start.

We identified that there was a bad earth at the rear of the car and with that repaired, the Rover Tomcat engine purred into life for the first time in a while.

The customer is taking the car back home to complete the interior trim work and we are going to be getting the car back into us early next year so that we can look at some modifications/customisations that the customer wants to have completed.

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