John Woods Motorcare Ltd are approved Magnecor Stockists.

Who and what are Magnecor? When it comes to ignition leads / spark plug leads or wires, especially the high performance and racing variety, Magnecor are the clear leaders in quality, reliability and innovation backed up by fantastic technical support team and a personal service.

Magnecor’s Commitment to Quality ensures that every ignition lead set is manufactured from the highest quality components available. All lead sets are Hand-assembled by their highly trained production staff, Magnecor leads are also covered by a 10 year guarantee which ensures long lasting reliability and service life.

Magnecor’s Exclusive Metallic Inductance Suppressed Conductor will outlast the life of any engine. Magnecor lead sets are not manufactured just to be a service item. To further improve reliability some Magnecor leads use different connectors to overcome problems associated with the original set you are replacing. This is particularly important if your vehicle is used for competition. Stainless steel snap-lock terminals are used for spark plug ends and phosphor-bronze, brass or stainless steel terminals for distributor/coil ends. Leads are individually numbered. Whatever the application-motorsport, performance, marine or family motoring, your engine’s performance will always benefit from a set of Magnecor ignition leads.

Magnecor Ignition Leads - Improve the running of your car.

John Woods Motorcare Ltd were the company that worked with Magnecor to develop the 40628 MG3 Magnecor Lead set. Magnecor sent various ‘boot’ samples to us and we test fitted and chose the best one for use with the MG3. A pre production set was then produced and sent to us which was tested over several days and many many miles on an MG3. We then gave our approval to Magnecor who put the 40628 into production and added the product to their catalogue.

There are several types of lead available from Magnecor. We primarily stock the Electrosports (e-Series ) 8mm Blue leads – original e-Series 7mm Black lead sets or 8.5 Red KV85 Lead sets are available

Product Information:- 

Magnecor Ignition Leads - Improve the running of your car.Magnecor Ignition Leads - Improve the running of your car.Magnecor Ignition Leads - Improve the running of your car.Magnecor Ignition Leads - Improve the running of your car.
For applications including classic and vintage vehicles wishing to retain originality (unprinted).Silicone rubber outer jacket,EPDM insulation.Also industrial applications.Unsuppressed. Also available in RED.Direct replacement for 7mm original equipment carbon conductor leads with excellent RFI and EMI suppression.Overcomes problems associated with limited-life carbon conductors and poorly suppressed aftermarket spiral conductor leads on modern engines. Extreme strength, high temperature resistant silicone rubber jacket and high dielectric strength  internal silicone insulator bonded by tape to outer jacket  for superior terminal retention.Original equipment replacement.Designed to improve original ignition system performance on road vehicles using either electronic engine management systems or carburetors.Ideal for LPG gas conversion engines. Excellent RFI and EMI suppression.Flexible high-strength all silicone construction will allow cable to fit into original 7mm lead holders. Primarily designed for racing engines using racing ignitions,turbocharging and supercharging.Entire jacket made from aerospace extreme heat-resistant silicone rubber.Exclusive Magnecor 2.5mm Metallic

The feedback we have received from customers who have fitted Magnecor Leads to both their Modern and Classic MG’s is fantastic.

IG Wrote“And the Magnecor March goes on lol, Best thing I did was buying those Magnecor leads I posted my results on here and the Mod took off like wildfire, the lead change is a must now for the MG6 as the improvement is to noticeable.”
PB Wrote “Joined the Magnecor gang today and have to say much smoother on acceleration gets rid of that slight judder you some times get , well worth it”
KM Wrote  “I know a lot of people have said it already but I just fitted my Magnecor cables and holy moly what a difference, much much smoother pulling away and I had a kind of splutter/flat spot at 2K ish revs which has also gone, if you have a petrol and haven’t done it I highly recommend that you do”
PD Wrote “These leads need to come with a warning on them. I’ve fired a set to my 6 and am shocked at the result. Entering the motorway this morning and before I knew it I was doing……well let’s just say, not the speed limit. These leads have changed this car dramatically. Warning needs to state, “these leads can have a dramatic affect on your cars performance!” Great leads well worth the money. Thanks John Woods Motorcare”
ST Wrote “So,after a day of town driving yesterday and a journey to Oulton park from Stoke and back, the MG6 felt like a different car. Even my 11 year old son said that the pick up felt a lot smoother than before” and “Magnecor…wow, what a difference, the juddering that I had in second and the lumpy idle have gone”
Jeff A Wrote“Fitted the Magnecor leads to my 6 after trying leads off a K Series which didn’t make a difference and then fitting brand new leads and coils which also made no difference. I’m shocked to say those two little Magnecor leads have made an amazing difference. The juddering has gone and the car pulls away smoother.
Bryan Jackson “Fitted Magnecor leads to my 6. What a huge improvement “
AW Wrtoe “Fitted the Magnecor leads today…made such a difference, glad we decided to splash the cash “
AS Wrote  “So after 4 days of running my 6 with some fine Magnecor HT leads, All I can say is, It really is like a totally different car. It’s more responsive, no more judder, no hesitation on hills or low gear. Really easy to fit and really makes a difference”
MH Wrote MG3 Owner. After fitting MG3 Test Lead set “…..feels a tad smoother all round. On the daily commute 50 mile round trip (only on one journey so far, so may not be a full scientific test!) – mpg in previous 3 days 39.8 – today with the Mags 41.1. So if consistent that’s a 2.6% improvement in mpg!! even if that bottoms out at say 1.5% that’s still good”

MG6 40393 Lead Set fitted

Magnecor Ignition Leads - Improve the running of your car.

MG ZS 40393 Set Fitted

Magnecor Ignition Leads - Improve the running of your car.

MGF 40393 Set Fitted

Magnecor Ignition Leads - Improve the running of your car.

MG3 40628 Set Fitted

Magnecor Ignition Leads - Improve the running of your car.Magnecor Ignition Leads - Improve the running of your car.

Magnecor Ignition Leads - Improve the running of your car.

Classic 6069 MGC 3.0l Set Fitted

Magnecor Ignition Leads - Improve the running of your car.

Magnecor cover pretty much every single Marque/Model and Engine that utilises ignition lead sets. Primarily we stock and retail MG and Classic Car sets but if you want to see exactly what is available use this link to download the Magnecor 2018 Catalogue

Here at John Woods Motorcare we list most of the Magnecor lead sets that we retail/fit and keep in stock. To see pricing please visit our shop page

Magnecor also give each lead set a 10 Year Guarantee




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