When it comes to ignition leads / spark plug leads or wires, especially the high performance and racing variety, Magnecor are the leaders in quality, reliability and innovation backed up by technical support and personal service. All Magnecor Lead Sets come with a 10 Year Guarantee.



John Woods Motorcare are Magnecor Stockists, we primarily stock their range of Ignition leads for both Modern and Classic MG’s however nearly all other marques are available on request. We worked direct with with Magnecor to develop the MG3 40628 Lead Sets which are now fitted to a majority of MG3’s both in the UK and all over the world now.

Magnecor Ignition Lead Sets

Commitment to Quality…

Magnecor’s Commitment to Quality ensures that your ignition lead set is manufactured from the highest quality components available.

Hand-assembled by their team of highly trained production staff, Magnecor leads are covered by a 10 year guarantee which ensures long lasting reliability and service life.

Magnecor’s Exclusive Metallic Inductance Suppressed Conductor will outlast the life of any engine. Magnecor lead sets are not manufactured just to be a service item. To further improve reliability some Magnecor leads use different connectors to overcome problems associated with the original set you are replacing. This is particularly important if your vehicle is used for competition.

Stainless steel snap-lock terminals are used for spark plug ends and phosphor-bronze, brass or stainless steel terminals for distributor/coil ends. Leads are individually numbered.

Whatever the application-motorsport, performance, marine or family motoring, your engine’s performance will always benefit from a set of Magnecor ignition leads.

Magnecor Electro 70Magnecor Electro 80Magnecor KV85


Direct replacement for 7mm original equipment carbon conductor leads with excellent RFI and EMI suppression.Overcomes problems associated with limited-life carbon conductors and poorly suppressed aftermarket spiral conductor leads on modern engines. Extreme strength, high temperature resistant silicone rubber jacket and high dielectric strength  internal silicone insulator bonded by tape to outer jacket  for superior terminal retention.


Original equipment replacement.Designed to improve original ignition system performance on road vehicles using either electronic engine management systems or carburetors.Ideal for LPG gas conversion engines. Excellent RFI and EMI suppression.Flexible high-strength all silicone construction will allow cable to fit into original 7mm lead holders.


Primarily designed for racing engines using racing ignitions,turbocharging and supercharging.Entire jacket made from aerospace extreme heat-resistant silicone rubber.Exclusive Magnecor 2.5mm Metallic
Inductance Suppressed Conductor will suppress EMI indefinitely,allowing this cable to be used on road vehicles with any ignition and LPG gas conversions.Can be fitted into most original lead holders.

We have uploaded and placed the full Magnecor 2018 Retail Cataloge below as a viewable PDF – No Matter what vehicle you own, contact us for a competitve price on a set of Magnecor Ignition Leads for your car. If your vehicle isn’t listed, don’t worry, Magnecor do have the ability to produce a set to your specification.

Magnecor Ignition Lead Sets

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