John Woods Motorcare were visited today by Addison Howe and Matt Cooke from Millers Oils. Their task was to demonstrate the Millers Oils Emission Performance Programme (#EPP) that has recently been launched by Millers Oils Ltd. We are already Millers Oils stockists and the EPP was a new concept that Millers Oils had offered to demonstrate with us in the hope that we would sign up to be able to offer EPP to our customers.

Why would John Woods Motorcare Ltd want to partake in the EPP and offer the process as part of our MOT/Sericing packages?

Changes to the EURO 6 legislation on the MOT test have decreased the passable emissions limit, increasing the chance of failure for your customers. Plus, failure to pass a road side emissions test can result in fines or prosecution, meaning car owners will be looking for that something extra to make sure they are well within the legal limits.  The number of cars failing the emissions test have increased by 311% in diesel cars and 72% in petrol cars since the MOT changes (May to Nov 2018).

Being able to offer our customers EPP products as part of our service enables us to promise a pass on emissions within an MOT for you. With the Millers Oils EPP Promise. The EPP promise is  ‘pass or your money back‘.  If, after we MOT/Service a vehicle and use the EPP process and products we will offer a full refund against the cost of the EPP products used if the vehicle fails its MOT on emissions.  Now thats what you call confidence in the product!

The importance of the Emission Performance Programme 

Removing contamination from the fuel system and crankcase with an effective Millers Oils fuel treatment, and using Engine Flush before carrying out an oil change will thoroughly clean the engine, resulting in:

    • Reduced emissions for improved MOT results
    • Improved fuel economy
    • Easier start-up and smoother drive
    • Increased power for better acceleration
    • Increased life of catalytic convertor and EGR

We chose Adam Woods 2011 1.8T MG6 as the test subject for the EPP demonstration.

First task was to get the engine up to operating temperature, then exhaust emissions would be tested (results shown below on comparison paperwork), compression ratios tested and a camera inspection of the top of the pistons would be conducted.

Once the first process was completed and the data recorded Matt and Addison provided Adam Woods with the specific treatments required for his MG6.  4 Products were passed to Adam to use:- Engine Flush, Petrol Injector Cleaner, Petrol System Clean & Protect and PPF Turbo and Exhaust Cleaner.

Once the Oil Flush had done the required running time in the engine, the oil was drained from the car, the Oil Filter was removed and changed (MG Rover OEM LPW100181), Millers Oils Trident 5w40 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil was put into the engine. The Petrol additives were then put into the petrol tank and the car was run back up to temperature on fast idle prior to Adam going out and completing a 20 mile round trip to ensure all of the additives were getting through the system.

Addison Howe and Matt Cooke then went about retesting the MG6. The emissions were tested and recorded, compression ratio’s retested and the Pistons rechecked with the camera.

The results certainly speak for themselves:-

This image of the pistons using the micro camera are not the actual images of Adams MG6, they are from a previous test Addison completed but they are very much the same as the ‘before’ (left)  showing the build up of deposits on the top of the piston and ‘after’ (right) showing a clean piston, that we saw on the computer screen when the camera was used on the MG6.

From the beginning of October 2019 John Woods Motorcare Ltd will be offering the EPP service to all of our customers.

Please note, the EPP products are for trade use only and will not be sold separately for customer application or retailed online. They can only be used by trained personnel in conjunction with a service/MOT.

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