Eric Egertons Hillman Minx '46HTJ' has it's 60th Birthday on the 2019 FBHVC National Drive it Day

Eric Egertons Hillman Minx ’46HTJ’ has it’s 60th Birthday on the 2019 FBHVC National Drive it Day
Although we’ve posted this on our main blog post for our National Drive It Day event, we thought it deserved it’s own blog post on the website!

Eric Egerton, a long standing friend of John Woods and a customer of John Woods Motorcare Ltd joined us on our FBHVC Drive it Day event on Sunday 28th April 2019.

Eric mentioned to John ealier in the week when we were replacing some brake cylinders on his Hillman Minx, that it would be turning 60 years old on drive it day. This got John thinking and he asked the rest of the team here if we thought we should do something special to surpise Eric.

Some trawling on Ebay found a company that could produce a banner for us and send it to us quickly in time for the event. A visit to Asda Bakery along with a photoshopped image on the Friday evening before the event saw 2 ‘Picture Birthday’ cakes produced.

Once we’d all arrived and parked up at Ellesmere Port Boat Museum, John sneakily placed the Happy Birthday Banner on the Hillman Minx much to Erics delight.

At 2pm all people who’d attended with us were asked to congregate around the Hillman Minx, Eric, none the wiser stayed sitting by the car whilst we set up some chairs to hold the cakes. He seemed a bit perlexed as to why everyone was gathering around. Once it was all set up, John Woods asked Eric to come to the front of the car. John gave a little speech about the car to everyone gathered around.

The car has been owned by the same family since 1960. It started it’s life in 1959 as a dealer demonstrator. Erics Father-In-Law then purchased the car as an ex-demonstrator and used it for a number of years before passing it onto Eric to use.

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