An interesting article has recently caught our attention. The article was put up by The Sun newspaper here.

The article references the RAC Foundations warning that over 800,000 motorists may not be aware that their cars are not compatible with the ‘greener’ E10 levels of Ethanol in petrol.  The introduction is still subject of a consultation with the UK Government. At present there are no UK Garages retailing E10 Petrol, at present most of the petrol sold by UK Garages contains around five per cent Ethanol.

The full RAC Foundation  study that the article was based on can be found here

Some interesting statistics from the study show that MG ( pre SAIC ) and Rover top the list since 2017 of vehicle manufacturers whose cars are E10 incompatible

E10 (Ethanol) Petrol -  800k+ cars will be incompatible by 2020 warn the RAC Foundation

The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) is also working with the Department for Transport (DfT) and the British Standards Institute (BSI) in order to promote, and as far as possible, to safeguard the Federation members’ interests regarding the use of Ethanol in Petrol in the UK. Source FBHVC and an interesting dissertaion by Matthew Tomkins entitled ‘Investigating the effect of ethanol concentration in petrol on carburettor components‘ is also a very worthwile read.

Now for the the good news! Millers Oils already produce an additive that John Woods Motorcare stock and retail

The product is VSPe Power Plus – this petrol additive has Ethanol Protection up to E10 at present.

The additive is also endorsed by the FBHVC. Millers Oils VSPe product is an ‘all in one’, multi shot, petrol fuel treatment providing ethanol protection, lead replacement and an octane improver dependent on selected fuel quality.Recommended for all classic engines previously requiring leaded fuel and now running on unleaded fuel. One bottle treats 10 tanks, based on 50L tank size.

E10 (Ethanol) Petrol -  800k+ cars will be incompatible by 2020 warn the RAC Foundation

The benefits of using Millers Oils VSPe Multishot are:-

  • Endorsed by the FBHVC as a fuel treatment for protection against corrosion in metals.

  • Octane enhancement of up to 2 octane numbers ( 20 points ) dependent on fuel quality.

  • Prevents valve seat recession when used with unhardened valve seats.

  • Prevents detonation, hot spots & running on.

  • Prevents fuel system corrosion and helps protect components.

  • Combats the adverse effects of ethanol in fuel (up to E10).

  • Carburettor anti-icing formula.

  • Contains anti oxidant to improve fuel life.

Start protecting your car from the effects of Ethano with Millers VSPe

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