Since relocating to North Wales we have found it harder and harder to find garages with the correct equipment and facilities to fit the smaller tyres (down to 10″) that Classic Cars require.

We made the decision to invest in our own equipment for the fitment of tyres and have secured accounts for the supply of the specific tyres that our customers require.

By doing the tyres ourselves we are now effectively cutting out the middle man and can therefore pass on savings to our customers.

With us also having more and more vehicles such as Citroen 2CV’s that have centreless wheels it became apparent that none of the tyre suppliers we used had the correct equipment for balancing those wheels. They cited the cost factor of the tool against the quantity of vehicles wheels that require the specific tool.

As part of the package that we have invested in, we have also purchased the tooling to be able to balance the Centreless Wheels.

Centreless Wheel Balancing Adaptor

We won’t be listing tyres individually on the website. For a competitive quote please contact us on 01352 750992

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