Bespoke Auto Trim Specialist now available through John Woods Motorcare Ltd

After earlier sorting out the mechanical work required to get this quirky MiniMini through it’s MOT and fully road legal, we were asked by the customer to look at having the interior of the car trimmed.

The customer gave us a sample of what they were looking for regarding the door card area and also a special request for the rear parcel shelf area including a sample of the ‘Union Jack’ style trim they wanted on the parcel shelf.

Craig, our trimmer came in and constructed templates for the door cards and the rear parcel shelf. The templates were sent away to Optimise Automotive who were comissioned to produce bespoke door cards and rear parcel shelf to our customers requirements.

In the mean time our trimmer set about putting underlay in the MiniMini and creating the carpet sets. He also retrimmed behind where the seats are positioned and on the edge of the parcel shelf.

The bespoke door cards and parcel shelf arrived back from Optimise Automotive and were installed.

The finished MiniMini looks fantastic with it’s new bespoke Door Cards, Half Union Jack Parcel Shelf and new upholstered carpet set.

The customer was beaming from ear to ear when she collected the car and couldn’t wait to get out on the open road with it.

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