Austin A30 - Wing repair and Brake overhaul

Austin A30 – Wing repair and Brake overhaul

This all original and previously untouched 1 owner from new Austin A30 came into John Woods Motorcare for a full assessment.

The Austin A30 is a small family car produced by Austin from May 1952 to September 1956. It was launched at the 1951 Earls Court Motor Show as the “New Austin Seven” and was Austin’s competitor with the Morris Minor.

At launch the car cost £507, undercutting the Minor by £62. (WIKIPEDIA)

After a full assessment it was identified that the A30 needed some welding on the bottom of the front O/S Wing and the Brake Master Cylinder overhaulled.

The customer was given an estimate and authorisation was gained to the repairs. The first job was to repair the front offside wing. We sourced a replacement repair panel from BullMotif and set about removing all of the affected rusty parts and welding some new metal and the repair panel into place.

Once the welding was completed and all joins treated and sealed, we set about getting ready for painting the repair. The affected area was painted with primer, left a few days and then prepped ready for a few coats of paint.

The paint was then applied (first few coats of paint applied by John Woods with a final coat applied by Adam Woods).

After leaving overnight for the paint to dry it was time to remove all the protective covering on the car and for Adam Woods to spend some time wet flattening and polishing the newly painted panel, by hand – not machine.

The car was then given a full clean and polish. The end result looks fantastic.

The next part of the repair was to the braking system. A refurbished Brake Master Cylinder was ordered and Reconditioned Stub Axles with New KingPins sourced.

This little beauty is now back on the open road and should be attending a few Classic Shows with us next year.

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