Another fantastic result using Millers #EPP process on an MG6

After having a 100% success rate utilising the Millers Oils Emissions Performance Programme on customers cars recently we decided to check one of our staff members, personal, 2014 MG6’s that was due it’s 5 year service. Matt Cooke from Millers Oils had arranged to come along and was on hand to go through the programme steps with John Woods himself as he’d missed the previous training session with Millers Oils.

The importance of the Emission Performance Programme

Removing contamination from the fuel system and crankcase with an effective Millers Oils fuel treatment, and using Engine Flush before carrying out an oil change will thoroughly clean the engine, resulting in:

        • Reduced emissions for improved MOT results
        • Improved fuel economy
        • Easier start-up and smoother drive
        • Increased power for better acceleration
        • Increased life of catalytic convertor and EGR

Compression tests were completed prior to performing the #EPP system on the car as the staff member had noticed some slight hesitation and occassional missfire lumpiness when accelerating along with the odd minor missfire on tickover (idle).

The results of the initial Compression tests were:-

Cylinder 1 Compression Test = 120+ | Cylinder 2 Compression Test = 120+ | Cylinder 3 Compression Test = 75+| Cylinder 4 Compression Test = 120+

We then followed the EPP system.  An EPP Engine Flush was put into the engine. an EPP Petrol Injector Cleaner, EPP Petrol System Clean & Protect and an Millers EPP PDF Turbo and Exhaust Cleaner were put into the petrol tank (Normally on a service we would only use the EPP Engine Flush and EPP Petrol System Clean & Protect treatments but due to the running issues with this MG6 we decided to do the full process on it). The Coil Packs were also replaced for new ones. The car already has the Magnecor 40393 Ignition Lead set fitted. The car was then run at fast idle for 10-15 minutes to get everything circulating and the engine up to operating temperature.

The oil was then drained and a new Oil Filter installed and Millers CFS 5w40 NT+ Engine Oil put in to the manufacturers specified level.

The staff member then took the car on a 20+ mile journey to ensure all of the EPP Fuel Additives were working their way through the system. The change in the cars performance was instantly noticeable. It idled smoother, accellerated smoother and the pick up was slightly increased.

A second Compression test was then done on the MG6. The results, again, speak for themselves.

Cylinder 1 Compression Test = 175+ | Cylinder 2 Compression Test = 175+ | Cylinder 3 Compression Test = 175+| Cylinder 4 Compression Test = 175+

Thats an improvement on Cylinders 1, 2 and 4 of +55 and an improvement of +100 on Cylinder 3.

The good part about the EPP products are that they continue to work after the engine has cooled down and mix nicely in the fuel tank for the next 1 to 2 fill ups.

The EPP products that we are authorised to use (they are for Workshop use only and can not be sold separately to the General Public) can also be used on Classic Cars with Carburettors.

Call John Woods Motorcare Ltd on 01352 750992 to book your service and Millers EPP treatment.

Since the beginning of October 2019 John Woods Motorcare Ltd hasbe offering the Emissions Performance Programme option to all MOT and Service customers.

Another fantastic result using Millers #EPP process on an MG6

Please note, the EPP products are for trade use only and will not be sold separately for customer application or retailed online. They can only be used by trained personnel in conjunction with a service/MOT.

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