At the beginning of 2019, Millers Oils, has launched its new Emission Performance Programme (EPP) to help garages improve the quality of service and clean up vehicle emissions within an MOT. John Woods Motorcare signed up to Millers Oils EPP in September 2019.

Why would John Woods Motorcare Ltd want to partake in the EPP and offer the process as part of our MOT/Sericing packages?

Changes to the EURO 6 legislation on the MOT test have decreased the passable emissions limit, increasing the chance of failure for your customers. Plus, failure to pass a road side emissions test can result in fines or prosecution, meaning car owners will be looking for that something extra to make sure they are well within the legal limits. The number of cars failing the emissions test have increased by 311% in diesel cars and 72% in petrol cars since the MOT changes (May to Nov 2018).

The importance of the Emission Performance Programme

Removing contamination from the fuel system and crankcase with an effective Millers Oils fuel treatment, and using Engine Flush before carrying out an oil change will thoroughly clean the engine, resulting in:

  • Reduced emissions for improved MOT results
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Easier start-up and smoother drive
  • Increased power for better acceleration
  • Increased life of catalytic convertor and EGR

By participating in the Millers Oils EPP programme, John Woods Motorcare Ltd have access to eight optimised oil and fuel additives that are suitable for vehicles of all ages, fuel types and mileages.

EPP targets the areas that a standard service does not, tackling blocked injector nozzles, contaminated fuel pumps, soot build up or oil sludge formation.

During an EPP service at John Woods Motorcare, Millers Oils products will be used to clean your entire fuel and oil system addressing the previously mentioned issues, while providing benefits such as maintaining an optimum level of fuel economy, restoring lost power and reducing emissions of hydrocarbons (HC) and carbon dioxide, as well as many more, without the need for any expensive machinery.

The benefits of EPP also extend further into MOT tests, addressing the 311 per cent increase in diesel vehicle fails due to emissions and a 72 per cent rise for petrol vehicles since the new MOT emission regulations were launched in May 2018.

Being able to offer our customers EPP products as part of our service enables us to promise a pass on emissions within an MOT for you. With the Millers Oils EPP Promise. The EPP promise is ‘pass or your money back‘. If you have the Millers Oils EPP MOT upgrade prior to the test and the vehicle fails on emissions, then Millers Oils will restock us with products used so that we can refund the EPP products used on your car.

How confident are John Woods Motorcare in the EPP service? Millers Oils demonstrated the service to us using Adam Woods MG6. The full story can be read here on our blog

The results of the EPP service on Adams MG6 speak for themselves:-

Prices for the EPP Treatment on your vehicle by John Woods Motorcare start at £25.00 +vat

Please note, the EPP products are for trade use only and will not be sold separately for customer application or retailed online. They can only be used by trained personnel in conjunction with a service/MOT.