2004 MG TF 1.6 K Series Engine Swap, Clutch Change, Head Gasket Change

This MG TF came in with a suspected Head Gasket Failure (we recovered the vehicle from the customers house). After checking, it was found that the engine had seized. We gave the customer several options regarding repair options. The customer opted for a replacement engine. The main reason for the engine failure was that the timing belt tensioner had failed.

A replacement K Series 1.6 Engine was sourced. It arrived the day after we ordered it and Adam Woods set about checking the Engine over and stripping it down so that the head could be sent off for testing and skimming.

Once the head was returned from the engineering company Adam set about rebuilding the engine using a Cambelt and Waterpump kit from Xpart along with XPart’s Ultimate K Series Headgasket Fix Kit. A new Clutch was fitted at the same time.

The next task was to remove the old engine from the car. To do this it was decided to drop the whole subframe out of the car to make the process easlier to complete. We also took the opportunity to wire brush, apply rust treatment and paint the subframe prior to the new engine being installed.

The damage to the original engine became very evident when the head was removed. The plastics were melted and brittle due to the high temperature the engine had run at. Two of the pistons were cracked and holes were visibly present. The head itself didn’t show any valve damage.

The replacement engine with new headgasket and clutch was then fitted into the subframe and the a silicone hose set was used to replace all perished hoses on the engine. We also fitted XPart Stainless Steel Underfloor Pipes.

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