2002 4.0L Pontiac Firebird (American Import)

This 2002 4.0L Pontiac Firebird (American Import) was dropped off by our customer after he had kept it in storage for a while whilst he searched for a suitable garage to work on his vehicle.

The car had a few electrical gremlins, heater blower not working and convertible roof not going back up fully. It also required a basic oil service.

Once the service was complete the customer opted for a full WaxOyl of the underside of the car.

Next issue to resolve was the Convertible Roof. When in the down position the roof would not come back up. Adam Woods diagnosed a problem with the Hydraulic system. He bled air out of the system and refilled the fluid in the system and this cured the problem.

The final issue to resolve regards the the Headlamps. After researching the problem it turns out that this is a common issue on American cars with these headlamps. The internals of the motors wear. We have sourced an upgrade kit from America which replaces the plastic cogs with brass ones. We will need to remove the Headlamp motors, overhaul the motors with the updgraded internals and the headlamps are will working as they should.

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