1972 Rover P6 3500 V8

1972 Rover P6 3500 V8

This 1972 Rover P6 3500 V8 came in for a good service and check over after the customer noticed that it was not running as well as it had done in the past.

John Woods completed a carburettor tune up and adjustment on the Rover and at the same time replaced a leaking gearbox oil seal. A general engine service was also completed – Oil Filter, Oil change, Spark Plugs, Fuel Filter, Distributor Cap etc.

The 3500 was introduced in April 1968 (one year after the Rover company was purchased by Triumph’s owner, Leyland) and continued to be offered until 1977. The manufacturer asserted that the light metal V8 engine weighed the same as the four-cylinder unit of the Rover 2000, and the more powerful car’s maximum speed of 114 mph (183 km/h) as well as its 10.5-second acceleration time from 0–60 mph (97 km/h) were considered impressive and usefully faster than most of the cars with which, on the UK market, the car competed on price and specifications. (WIKIPEDIA)

This car is immaculate. It is a credit to it’s current owner. It is kept dry stored when not in use. The paintwork is all original. Hopefully this customer and the car will be joining us at some car shows next year.

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