1966 MGB Roadster Rebuild

This MGB Roadster was collected by us from our customer for us to complete the restoration. The customer had the bodywork and paintwork done by a Bodyshop local to him.

Our first task was to install the wiring looms and electrical components.

Whilst the electrics were being completed, we made a start on getting the Engine ready for install. The customer had the Engine and Gearbox overhauled (Cameron Gilmour Engine Services rebuilt it to 1840cc Fast Road spec) and delivered to us. We fitted a new clutch and then attached the Gearbox back onto the Engine ready for fitment into the car.

With the wiring loom(s) in place we set about installing the refurbished Dashboard and connecting all wiring up behind it. A battery charging unit and battery dead switch was also installed.

New Brake, Fuel and Clutch lines were next to be fitted – the customer had installed all of the suspension, axles and running gear prior to us collecting the car.

Next task was to refit the refurbished and upgraded engine/gearbox. The Engine had been sent away to Cameron Gilmour Engine Services in Perth who completely rebuilt the engine. They turned the standard 1800cc into an 1840cc with a Newman Camshaft and completed an unleaded conversion on the head to turn it into Fast Road spec. Fully balanced. 1 1/2” SUs LCB exhaust manifold. Ancilary parts were then fitted including all pipework, heater and braking system parts, New radiator, Oil Cooler and cooling fan system.

Craig who does our trimming then came in and made a start fitting the new interior trim on the car.

Once the interior was somewhere near where we needed it to be, Craig fitted the refurbished hood frame and new hood onto the car.

The tonneau cover was the next item on the list, the customer had supplied a new cover along with the old cover to use as a template guide for all of the fasteners that needed fitting into the new tonneau cover.

Seats and runners were next to be fitted. Again, the customer supplied the seats already retrimmed and the runners which had been powdercoated.

A full nut and bolt check was completed on the car, new steering wheel and seat belts fitted before it was then taken to a local MOT station for an independant MOT (even though the car is MOT excempt) for full peace of mind prior the customer collecting the car and driving it on the road for the first time since the full restoration.

Dave (Customer) came and collected the car and drove it away with a big smile on his face. We’d like to wish Dave many happy years of motoring in the MGB Roadster.

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