1961 Ford Anglia 105E Rebuild - back on the road after 15 years laid up

This Ford Anglia had sat in storage at a body shop for nearly 11 years prior to us collecting it on behalf of the customer.

It was a stripped shell (engine still in situ) and we were tasked with rebuilding the car – most removed parts were in boxes.

We set about installing a new carpet in the Anglia and fitting the seats.

Next was to get the brightwork, electrics and all mechanical parts overhauled and working correctly. Braking, Steering and suspension systems were overhauled. All lights cleaned and tested. Pete our autoelectrician came in and checked/tidied up all of the wiring. Johns Ford Anglia 123Super was brought in for a couple of days to be used as a comparison because we didn’t dismantle the Anglia and putting some interior parts in was like putting a JigSaw together without the picture!

Once the work was completed we delivered the car back to the customer and he is now giving the car a shakedown by driving it a few miles each week. Once he’s completed a set amount of miles we will have the car back to the workshop for a full spanner check.

Its good to see the car back on the road after nearly 15 years laid up.

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