1960 Ford Prefect 107E 4194NX - Poor Running issues, now fixed!

We completed a 100 mile round trip to collect this car with our trailer from a customers house in Cumbria .

The customer suspected that there was an issue with the engine and after investigation we found that it required a Head Gasket replacement.

We took the complete engine out of the car, removed the Cylinder Head and sent that to our Engineering company to have it checked and an Unleaded Head conversion completed on it. Whilst the engine was out we also removed the sump and cleaned it all out in our parts washer, painted the engine block and also replaced the Water Pump and Gaskets. The customer also asked us to replace the clutch whilst the engine was out of the car.

The head was returned by our Engineer and we set about refitting it onto the car.

On inspection it seemed that there was also contamination in the fuel so we drained the fuel system, flushed it and put clean fresh petrol into the petrol tank.
Powerspark Electronic Ignition kit was ordered along with Magnecor Ignition Lead set and all fitted.
The car started first time and ran like a swiss watch!

Another modification that John Woods added was a heat shield he fabricated to go between the carburettor and the exhaust manifolds. This shield has been tried and proven on Johns own Ford Anglia 123e and stops any fuel evaporation causing the car to run rough when the engine gets up to temperature.

The customer caught the train down to a local station, we picked him up and he then drove the car all the way home to Lancashire – he later messaged to say the car drove better than ever!

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