John Woods Motorcare Ltd collected a 1959 Morris Minor 1000 Convertible earlier in the week.

The customer has just managed to crawl the car home after going out for a drive.

The car was running very, very, poorly and wouldn’t go over 20mph without coughing and sputtering.

After some investigation by John and Adam Woods, the following parts were replaced:-

Points (Ignition Set), Condenser, Air Filter, Ignition Leads, Spark Plugs, Rotor Arm, Carburettor Float and new needle.

Timing was checked, all parts installed. Carburettor and ignition points set correctly.

The Air Filter looked like it had seen better days. Photos shows old air filter (right) compared against the new one (left).

Old air filter, points, rotor arm and condenser.

New points and condenser installed in the distributor.

Now it’s running sweet there is no mistaking the Classic Morris Minor Exhaust note!

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