Winter Service and Check Over £99

Most Classic Car owners start looking at getting their cars ready for Hibernation from October, even if your car isn’t a classic, a winter oil service and check over is fully recommended.


Winter Service



A Winter Service and Check over at John Woods Motorcare Ltd consists of a comprehensive check of the following:-

  • Flush Engine Oil and replace with new.

  • Change Oil Filter

  • Check operation and effectiveness of exterior lights

  • Check operation of interior lights

  • Check operation of windscreen wipers and washer system.

  • Check effectiveness of windscreen wipers

  • Check brake fluid condition (top up if required)

  • Check battery condition and lubricate terminals

  • Check cooling system for leaks and check fan/interior heater operation

  • Check condition of antifreeze/coolant  (top up if required)

  • Check condition and security of exhaust system

  • Check all tyre pressures

  • Check tyre condition

  • Check all auxiliary drive belts (not cam/timing belt)

  • Check Horn

To expand slightly on the above list,

Tyre Inspection – Over the Winter months roads become wet and can ice up. Checking the tyres ensures that your tyres are fully prepared for the possible change in road conditions.  We will check tyre tread depth and set tyres to correct tyre pressure. Some car owners do change their tyres to ‘Winter Tyres’ for use over the winter months. Winter tyres give better grip and performance in the wet.

Battery Test – We check the battery to ensure it is charging and holding charge. White (Lithium) Grease is then applied to the terminals which protects the conducting surfaces from surrounding air and moisture to prevent corrosion.

Coolant and Antifreeze Top-Ups – We check the effectiveness of the Coolant mixture with a special tool. This tells us the effective minimum temperature it will work at. If the mixture is too weak we will top up with the correct coolant type to ensure your car is protected. When water freezes it expands and this can can cause split engine hoses and pipes in turn leading to leaks and reducing the cooling efficiency.

Windscreen Wiper Check – It is important that the windscreen wipers will clear the windscreen effectively. During the Winter Check, the condition of your windscreen wipers will be inspected to make sure they are effective. At the same time, your screen wash level will be checked and topped up if necessary.

Lights Assessment – We will check all lights. It is essential that all lights are effective and working correctly, especially because during the Winter there are a lot less hours of sunlight and it can also be foggy/misty more frequently, meaning front and rear lights are used more.

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