Peco Stainless Steel Exhausts for MG3 (2013MY and 2016MY Stop Start models), MG6, MGZS (<2017) and MG3 (<2018MY models)

We are pleased to announce that within the next few weeks we will have new Stainless Steel exhaust systems developed and ready for sale/fitting onto the 2018> MG3 and 2017> MG ZS.

These exhaust systems will be 2 1/4″ Stainless Steel and will be developed so that a small 2 1/4″ Tail Pipe with a rolled end will be visible underneath the rear bumper of the MG3 and MGZS (similar to finsher pictured below).

We are still producing our original 2013MY MG3 2″ Stainless Steel Systems and our MG6 2″ Cat Back Stainless Steel Systems.

All systems improve performance, MPG and sound fantastic on the cars. The only car with proven rolling road tests and graphs is the original MG3 system.

All of the exhaust systems we retail for the new MG’s will now be branded as Peco. A few people may recall that brand name from a few years ago? Peco and has been revived for use once again for use on our manufacturers quality Stainless Steel Exhaust systems.