**NEW** to the XPart range, MGF and MGTF Stainless Steel Exhaust systems WCG103110, WCG000460 and WCG103100

Through XPart we are now able to offer a new MGF (Oval Tail Pipe) Stainless Steel Exhaust system, MGF and MGTF (round tail pipe) Stainless Steel Exhaust System.

These exhausts are made in the UK from heavy duty 304 and 409 Stainless Steel. They use the latest silencer packing technique and materials to ensure optimum performance and a long life.

MGF Stainless Steel Exhaust WCG103110

WCG103110 Rear Assembley Exhaust System, MGF Standard oval tail pipes for post 2000 model year with elbow catalytic converter. £342.99+vat

XPT000039ACA – Elbow to enable WCG103110 to fit pre 2000 model year MGFs. £74.99+vat

LZN100410 – Blanking Plug for use with XPT00039ACA. £2.99+vat

WCG000460 – Rear Assembley Exhaust System MGTF standard, round tail pipes, £306.66+vat

 NOTE:- Pre 2000 model year vehicles will require the addition of the stainless steel elbow and blanking plug (Part# XPT00039ACA @£74.99+vat) and LZN100410 @ £2.99+vat)

XPart have rationalised the exhaust components for the MGF and MG TF.

MGF’s were originally fitted with a ‘straight’ catalytic converter, WAG103651. The ‘straight’ catalytic Converter was designed to be used with exhaust back box WCE103450SLP, which has oval tail pipes and is made of mild steel. XPart have recently introduced a stainless steel backbox WCG103110 with oval tail pipes, it will need to be fitted with the addition of an elbow (Part # XPT000039ACA) and a blanking plug (Part # LZN100410). Xpart have also deeloped an alternative round tail pipe version of the back box, WCG103100 (no image available at present) which will not need to be fitted with the elbow and blanking plug.

MGTF’s and some later MGF models were fitted with a catalytic converter (Part # WAG000671) that included a 90 degree elbow, it can be retro fitted to earlier MGFs, this will do away with the need to fit the elbow and blanking plug described above.  The MGTF stainless steel backbox (Part # WGC000460 with round tailpipes has recently been introduced by XPart.