New to range parts for MGF/TF and K Series Engines from XPart Ltd

New to range parts for MGF/TF and K Series engines

XPart’s aim is to make their parts the first choice for owners and garages when they service or repair MG Rover vehicles, we want to keep as many of them on the road for as long as possible, in good condition. With this in mind we are delighted to introduce the following parts to our range of parts theough XPart Ltd for the MGF/TF and K Series Engines:

Hub Bearing Kit
Part Number: RFM000050
Application: MGF and MGTF (inc. NAC)
Retail Price: £33.99 +vat







Hub bearings inevitably need replacing during the life of a vehicle, it’s important that good quality replacements are used. Our kits include superior Timken bearings, giving vehicle owners full confidence in the kit they are fitting

Part Number: LCJ000050SHIM
Application: K Series Engines
Retail Price: £26.99 +vat







When replacing a K Series Head Gasket it is essential that the cylinder liner heights, relative to the block face are within tolerance (0.002”- 0.004”) and not sunk flush. These cylinder liner shims are designed to bring sunken liners back to tolerance. The shims are supplied in sets of four (to be used as required).

Brass Exhaust Manifold and Catalytic Converter Nut
Part Number: ESR2034BR
Application: K Series Engines
Retail Price: £2.99 +vat







Removing the original nuts that secure an exhaust manifold or catalytic converter can be difficult due to corrosion of the mounting studs. These extra-long brass nuts protect the stud thread, aiding future removal and are
an alternative to the standard nut ESR2034A.

John Woods Motorcare Ltd are the official appointed XPart Ltd MG Rover Wholesale Distributor for North Wales and Cheshire.