MGB GT Head Replacement and Classic Friendly Safety Inspection

A new customer had his MGB GT (recently purchased) delivered to us for a Classic Friendly Safety Inspection and to assess whether the car had previously undergone a conversion for running on Unleaded Fuel.

The Classic Friendly Safety Inspection went well, only a few minor issues were identified and we were given the go ahead to rectify those issues.

We set about removing the Cylinder Head to see if the car had previously had work to convert it for Unleaded Fuel use. We found that it had not and we sent the head away to our Engineering firm to have the Unleaded Conversion, unfortunately the Engineer found that the Cylinder Head had cracks in it. We reported this back to the customer and informed him of the options. He opted for a new unleaded cylinder head which we obtained through one of our suppliers.

Once the new Unleaded Cylinder Head arrived we set about installing it on the MGB GT.

A new Heater Valve and Oil/Water Gauge and capillary were ordered.

Once the car was all back together she was running like a swiss watch again

John Woods Motorcare Ltd