Duckhams Stockist Status for John Woods Motorcare Ltd

Through our continued membership of Classic Friendly Ltd and their affiliation with Duckhams, John Woods Motorcare Ltd are very pleased to announce that we have become an Approved Duckhams Stockist.

Duckhams Stockist

Back in the Fifties and Sixties Duckhams 20w-50 was the engine oil of choice. It was the world’s first multigrade oil that could be used all year round so that there was no need to change from summer to winter grade oils. To paraphrase Alexander Duckham’s famous words, if your engine could choose its own oil, it would choose Duckhams.

Duckhams returned to shelves in December 2017. Once, the biggest independent oil company in the UK, with a heritage dating back to 1899, Duckhams was one of the best-known British brands in the second half of the 20th century. Duckhams was acquired by British Petrolium (BP) in the 1960’s.

Now the legendary green oil is back, with a few improvements on the original 1956 version. It now conforms to API, SE, SF, SG, SH and SJ specifications and is ideal for any classic that requires a 20w-50 oil rather than the modern lighter grades. It can be used confidentlly in any engine that was originally recommended to use Duckhams 20w-50. It also now has an optimised ZDDP (zinc) level for safeguarding both classic and vintage engines.

Martin Gough, Duckhams’ Director for Classic, Motorsport and Industrial stated “We have painstakingly recreated the green colour to Duckhams Q20w-50 Multigrade that everyone knows but have ensured that the formulation has moved with the times to offer the latest technology to protect cherished engines, both out on the road and in winter hibernation,”

John Woods Motorcare will have Duckhams 20w-50 oil in the traditional yellow 1 gallon (4.5 litre) sized cans as well as 1 litre top-up cans in stock.