2003 MGTF 135 Head Gasket Replacement

This MGTF was driven to us by the customer who asked us to check the car over as he suspected his Head Gasket had failed.

Adam Woods checked the car and agreed with the customer that the head gasket had indeed failed.

The customer opted to have the XPart Ultimate Head Gasket Fix completed on the car

The Cylinder Head was sent away to the Engineering company (local) that we use and the head was pressure tested and skimmed ready for refitment onto the car with the new head gasket kit.

At the same time the customer also had a heater issue, no matter how much the heater dial was adjusted it was constantly warm/hot – fine in the winter but a bit of a pain in the summer! Adam Woods diagnosed that the issue was caused by a faulty heater valve.  The part number is JJB100280 but at present it is no longer available via XPart. We found a source that had several new ones in stock and ordered direct from them.

If your MG is overheating or you are having heater issues don’t hesitate to get it looked at by a specialist. As we are XPart MG Rover Wholesale Distributor for North Wales and Cheshire we only use Genuine Parts on all the MG’s and Rovers that come into our workshop.

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